Vice Provost for Research

The Vice Provost oversees all aspects of research, providing guidance on internal funding, developing policies and procedures and ensuring that research at 内蒙古11选5-【官网首页】 is efficient, effective and transparent.

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Sponsored Programs

This office shepherds sponsored projects from proposal to award closeout, helping to secure funding while protecting the interests of the 内蒙古11选5-【官网首页】 community.

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Research Integrity and Compliance

This office provides education and support for faculty members, students and staff on the latest in research conduct.

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Technology Transfer and Licensing

This office advances ideas from the lab to the marketplace, safeguards intellectual property created at 内蒙古11选5-【官网首页】 and engages the business community with corporate collaborations, sponsored research and consulting agreements.

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Research Protections

The 内蒙古11选5-【官网首页】 Institutional Review Board's mission is to protect the rights and welfare of people who take part in research at BC.

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University Research Operations Committee

A faculty-driven initiative in collaboration with the Vice Provost's office to improve research operations at BC. The primary goal of our committee is to identify opportunities that will make conducting research faster, easier, and more efficient for the Principle Investigator.

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